Xbox One and PS4 launch won’t hurt GTA V sales says Strauss Zelnick

GTA V, probably the biggest game of 2013 won’t appear at E3 2013 and also not release on next-gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. According to Michael Pachter, skipping PS4 and Xbox One as release platforms, GTA V overall sales will take a beating.

Grand Theft Auto VGTA V is schedule to launch just few weeks before PS4 and Xbox One are expected to launch. But according to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, this won’t have negative impact on overall sales figure of GTA V.

“Grand Theft Auto V is the most highly anticipated release of our biggest franchise,” he said.

“It features the largest, most dynamic and most diverse open world Rockstar Games has yet created. The installed base of current generation consoles is estimated to be in excess of 120 million, and most of those consumers have been waiting for Grand Theft Auto V for years. Therefore, we expect there to be enormous consumer demand for Grand Theft Auto V regardless of when the next-generation consoles are released.”

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