Destiny ‘loot cave’ offers endless loot drops

Guardians who have been looking to pick up some epic loot in Destiny have been heading to a location within the Cosmodrome area to reap the rewards from what players have dubbed the “Loot Cave.”

If you have yet to stumble onto the loot cave, a new video published by Force Strategy Gaming shows just how easy it is to not only gain access to the cave, but how exactly you can sit back and let the loot come rolling in. One thing you’ll have to remember is you’ll need at least one other player in the area in order to take advantage of the cave’s endless loot. As long as there are other players within the area, and we’re sure there will be another Guardian for quite some time, then you can kill an endless wave of acolytes and thralls.

Once they’re defeated, you’ll be rewarded with various gear, blue engrams and even some purple ones if you’re lucky. So what are you waiting for? Fire up Destiny and get as much loot as your Guardian can physically carry before everyone else does.