Hellblade: Ninja Theory Retiring “Vertical Slice” Showcased At Gamescom, But The Game Has Not Been Rebooted

If you follow Ninja Theory on Twitter, you might have notice the chaos generated by the latest few tweets from the British developer regarding Hellblade. In a first message today, in fact, the software house from Cambridge stated that it was going to retire “a vertical slice” of the game showcased at Gamescom, putting the game into “production afresh”.


Since then, Ninja Theory has issued some other tweets you can see below just to assure people they’re not rebooting the development of Hellblade, that is still planned to release in 2016.

The first tweet has been “retired” too, so no one can go into confusion anymore about how things are shaping up for Hellblade.

The game is coming for PlayStation 4 and PC, and it depicts a female mythological warrior’s descent into madness.