Day: March 7, 2014

Shadowrun Returns: Return of the Trailer!

Shadowrun Returns: Return of the Trailer! 0   Here’s a look at the new Shadowrun Returns trailer! The new Shadowrun game, Shadowrun Returns, is almost upon us and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some awesome new cyberpunk adventuring.  So I think it’s time for one last look at this exciting new entry in the long-running RPG franchise. Click on the video above to view the trailer! I have to admit though, Shadowrun is one of those things that I never got into that much.  Out in the country of good ol’ US of A, things like...

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Check Up for healthy Macs

Check Up for healthy Macs New software designed to monitor the health of your Mac, Check Up, is available now. Developed by app4mac, the software can monitor local and remote Macs (include the capacity to monitor remote machines using the internet), watching processor, memory, disk and network usage. Like Apple’s own Activity Monitor, Check Up 1.0 offers detailed information about all running processes and lets users pause or terminate these at any time. The software is also capable of warning users of hard drive failures and can check systems to ensure sufficient memory is installed in order to run...

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ArchiCAD rebuilt for OS X

ArchiCAD rebuilt for OS X Graphisoft has announced Mac OS X support in its industry standard CAD solution for achitects, ArchiCAD 8, which ships this autumn. The product was announced at the UIA World Congress, the world’s largest architectural convention. ArchiCAD offers a revised interface, improved navigation and document management, alongside faster speed and 2D drafting features. Access to documents in the project file has been improved, helping architects working on complex tasks: resources are easier to find for planning submissions, project tenders or construction drawings, for example. Documents can also be distributed to the local network-printer or an...

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