Day: December 25, 2013

‘Tribute to Naughty Dog’ show to mark 30 year anniversary

‘Tribute to Naughty Dog’ show to mark 30 year anniversary It’s hard to believe that Naughty Dog has been making games for 30 years, but it’s given us such classics as Crash Bandicoot, The Last of Us and the Uncharted trilogy, among other games.  The developer is hosting a special art show and celebration, A Tribute to Naughty Dog: 30th Anniversary, at the Gallery Nucleus in California. The show will be held from September 27th through October 12th, with an opening reception on the 27th. Tickets can be bought here. During that event, a special full-length video will be shown, highlighting the company’s game designs over the past 30 years. You can catch a snippet of this video below, and in case you can’t make the exhibit, the complete video will be released online sometime next month. Those who can make the reception, however, will be able to take advantage of a photo booth area, as well as cosplay, a birthday cake, and greeting special guests. Special merchandise will also be available. In the meantime, happy 30th, Naughty Dog! Now finish up Uncharted 4...

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iPod nano memory maker sees profit decline

iPod nano memory maker sees profit decline Samsung’s third quarter net profit dropped 30 per cent compared to the same time last year, in part due to lower prices for certain kinds of memory chips. The South Korean company said its net profit slid to 1.88 trillion won ($1.8 billion), down from 2.69 trillion won during the third quarter last year. Revenue rose 1 per cent to 14.54 trillion won, the company said. The company blamed a slower than expected adoption of DDR2 (Double Data Rate 2) DRAM (dynamic RAM) chips and lower prices for NAND Flash memory chips...

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TIME declares Tiger ‘Gadget of the week’

TIME declares Tiger ‘Gadget of the week’ Time Magazine has declared Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.4 ‘Tiger’ its ‘Gadget of the Week’. The leading US newstand title carries a brief – but informed – review of the product, calling Dashboard Widgets the coolest feature and offering a link to the 63-and-climbing Widgets that are currently available for download. Apple’s decision to include Migration Assistant within OS X wins praise. This lets users easily transfer applications and settings between Macs. The reviewer also praises QuickTime 7 and its HD support, VoiceOver and the facility to use RSS news feeds...

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Apple biggest fans are older consumers

Apple biggest fans are older consumers Older customers are now Apple’s biggest fans, said a brand perception measurement company Friday, citing shifting demographics that indicate the company’s appeal to the young and technology-enamored has been slipping. The finding from U.K.-based YouGov also puts into context recent television ads that were loudly panned, with some critics calling them “rotten” and “gagging.” Apple ran the ads, which featured a Genius — the name for the company’s in-store technical support staff — helping customers in high-pressure situations. The 30-second spots touted the Mac and appeared during the early days of NBC’s broadcast...

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Official Undertale merchandise arrives in time for holidays | Undertale

Official Undertale merchandise arrives in time for holidays | Undertale Even monsters put gifts under trees. Why not give this Undertale merch to someone you love? This almost flew under my radar. Back in October, Undertale creator Toby Fox asked fans to hold off on selling unofficial merchandise because the official stuff was on its way. Official merch is being worked on THE VOID WILL BE FILLED!!!! SOON!!!! — toby’s Fox (@FwugRadiation) October 2, 2015 Our prayers for the perfect Undertale fan gift have been answered in the form of holiday pre-orders. Included in the Fangamer shop: Delta Rune T-shirt Mercy T-shirt...

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