Day: December 16, 2013

Millionth English article posted on Wikipedia

Millionth English article posted on Wikipedia The English version of Wikipedia now contains over one million articles, according to the Wikimedia Foundation, the group behind the free online encyclopedia. Wikipedia is comprised of articles largely written by a community of users. However, any visitor can contribute an article or modify an existing one on the website. There are currently versions of Wikipedia in 125 languages, containing a total of 3.3 million articles. The millionth article is about Jordanhill railway station in Scotland and was created on March 1 by Ewan Macdonald, a Wikipedia contributor who also goes by the...

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Minecraft update 1.7 to include Underground Ravines, screenshot revealed

Minecraft update 1.7 to include Underground Ravines, screenshot revealed Minecraft creator Notch has posted some new details about the newest addition to update 1.7 also known as “adventure update”. Notch said, “Keeping 1.7 secret is frustrating and hard work. I feel a constant need to spoilerize. Anyway, I added underground ravines.” Notch also provided a screenshot of the underground ravines. check out the screenshot...

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Double-speed boost for wireless networks

Double-speed boost for wireless networks US Robotics has increased the speed of its latest range of wireless LAN (WLAN) products to 22Mbps. Its new products are backwards compatible with existing 11Mbps systems using the 2.4GHz frequency – the same as Apple’s AirPort offers. Maximum transmission-distances are also 50 per cent higher than before. A faster wireless LAN alternative – the 54Mbps 802.11a – has been on the market for over a month. However, systems implementing it are incompatible with existing WLAN equipment, as they operate at a different radio frequency. US Robotics 22Mbps products include: a wireless access point...

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Net aids open government

Net aids open government The UK government has introduced a fresh package of proposals to make government more open and accessible via email and the Web. Ian McCartney, minister of state at the Home Office, described the proposals as “ambitious”, and said, “the initiative will ensure our government plays a leading part in the radical transformation of our society through new technology.” The proposals are focused on three main areas – making public services convenient and accessible to all, banishing bureaucracy, and managing information and modernizing government by applying e-business methods to its practices. A government Web-portal launches in...

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