Day: November 26, 2013

Tomb Raider new scans arrived

Tomb Raider new scans arrived Square Enix’s Tomb Raider is one of the most anticipated game of 2012, and fans are really excited about this. Now to take the excitment level of the fans to the next level, the publisher has released two new scans of the game. These new scans shows reboot of the classic Lara Croft franchise. Going by the details in the scan it seems like LARA is out to discover some old or ancient treasure. Check out the scan below and let us know what you guys think about it in the comment section...

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Bungie’s Seropian returns to Mac, Aspyr

Bungie’s Seropian returns to Mac, Aspyr Bungie founder Alex Seropian is coming back to the Mac. Seropian left Bungie in 2002 after selling it to Microsoft, opening his new company, Wideload Games, earlier this year. His previous game credits include Pathways into Darkness, Marathon, and time as executive producer of Halo. Wideload Games will have its first title distributed by Aspyr Media. This will be based on Halo’s game engine and will ship for PC, Xbox and Mac in autumn 2005. Seropian said: “Aspyr has experience in a lot of different areas, besides just games. They have a music...

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Steam Greenlights 6 New Games Today

Steam Greenlights 6 New Games Today Steam has Greenlit 6 more games today Today, May 16th, six new games have been Greenlighted for worldwide download through Steam. These are all exciting games with interesting ideas. Keep helping Steam pick great games by voting for more of your favorite titles. Here is today’s list of the exciting titles that have won the Greenlight. Game Dev Tycoon – Create your own video game development company and let the cash roll in. Bleed – Become the ultimate video game hero by destroying all your opponents. The Legend – A survival horror game...

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