Day: November 23, 2013

FFVIII On Steam | Final Fantasy VIII

FFVIII On Steam | Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy VIII is out on Steam. Final Fantasy VIII is now available on Steam. FFVIII was the first ever Final Fantasy for me. Now that I can play it on Steam with new features, I am super excited. So a few big changes going into the Steam port: the first is Chocobo World–it’s a mode that wasn’t available for the Western audience before the port. While playing Chocobo World, you can get items and GF power ups that are used in FFVIII. The game is basically like the old school Tamagotchi...

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Troy Online: Large-Scale War System Update 

Troy Online: Large-Scale War System Update  LT1 Games has announced that there will be update with a large-scale war system for Troy online on Oct 15th 2011. By introducing this large-scale war system users will be able to enjoy a new type of war, the Invasion War, which allows users to invade the opponent’s capital city. It is obviously a different concept from the existing wars such as the Level Wars and the Temple War. Troy online has been updating their battlefields and war systems continuously since launching service. However this upcoming update is the largest update yet, therefore...

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