Day: November 17, 2013

Psychonauts now available for PS4

Psychonauts now available for PS4 if you are anticipating Psychonauts 2, but have yet to play the original, now is the perfect time. The game is out now on the PlayStation Store for $9.99 The single-player game will requires a 2.3 GB download, and a save game size of at least 4GB. If you are unfamiliar with the game, you play a psychic named Razputin who wants to join an elite group of psychic superheroes called the Psychonauts. The game was developed by Double Fine and originally came out in 2005. Double Fine has crowdfunded a sequel, with Tim Shafer already...

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Analyst: Fewer reasons to upgrade to Vista

Analyst: Fewer reasons to upgrade to Vista There’s even fewer reasons for businesses to upgrade to Windows Vista than there were for upgrading to Windows XP, according to an expert in software migration. Rich Bentley, client and mobile manager for software developer Altiris, also attacked some market researchers for over-optimistic forecasts, in particular Gartner and IDC figures, which suggest that Vista could be in mainstream use by the end of 2007. The IDC report in particular was funded by Microsoft, he said, adding: “I’d take it with a large grain of salt. And Gartner says that Vista migration starts...

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Windows worm worries Web wonks

Windows worm worries Web wonks Security experts warn that a recently disclosed Windows security vulnerability may soon be used by a powerful Internet worm that could disrupt traffic on the Internet and affect millions of machines worldwide. The vulnerability, a buffer overrun in a Windows interface that handles the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) protocol, was acknowledged by Microsoft in a security bulletin, MS03-026, posted on July 16. On Thursday, the US Department of Homeland Security updated an earlier warning about the RPC vulnerability, noting increased network scanning and the widespread distribution of working exploits on the Internet. The vulnerability...

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