Month: November 2013

Keyspan debuts Front Row remote

Keyspan debuts Front Row remote Keyspan has announced a new remote control for Apple’s Front Row software. The company has revealed some of the features of its new ‘RF Remote for Front Row’, which works with a USB receiver unit to control Apple’s media player software using radio frequency signals at a range of up to 60 feet. The remote control will offer nine buttons for more powerful control of Front Row, including the capacity to eject optical media and put the Mac to sleep – or even wake it up. The new gadget ships in the US this...

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EGX Rezzed Gets World's First Look at Alien: Isolation in March | Alien: Isolation

EGX Rezzed Gets World’s First Look at Alien: Isolation in March | Alien: Isolation 0   The aliens invade the UK first. But can Sega turn the tables after the deplorable “Aliens: Colonial Marines”? The universe’s most deadly and recognisable lethal extraterrestrials will be making their first playable appearance anywhere in the world at EGX Rezzed expo in Birmingham, UK in March. The expo, specifically for PC and indie gaming, will give expo-goers an exclusive preview of Alien: Isolation before anyone and anywhere else. “Gamer Network has firmly established their Expo & Rezzed shows as the UK’s biggest gaming convention, so...

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Dell plans own-brand retail shops

Dell plans own-brand retail shops Dell has confirmed plans to launch its own range of retail stores, starting with an opening in Dallas this year. The company hopes to tempt computer buyers with its range of cheap PCs. However, unlike Apple’s retail outlets these Dell shops won’t have stock on hand. Customers will simply be able to try the PCs out and then order them for later delivery. The Dallas store is a pilot scheme to see if the plan can stimulate demand for the company’s...

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Apple continues to fall amid Stock Market jitters

Apple continues to fall amid Stock Market jitters Apple stocks continue to fall as analysts consider the impact of the Taiwan quake on iBook shipments, Motorola’s revelation of inadequate G4 supplies and Apple’s warning of reduced profits this quarter. Coupled with the jitters on the market with regard to IT stocks, and the recent announcement by highly-placed Microsoft sources that IT stocks are generally “overvalued”, the result has been to wipe Apple’s stock values to the high 50’s. Meanwhile, Michael Kwatinez, an analyst with Credit Suisse First Boston, is reported to have claimed that the Taiwan earthquake has halted...

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Extensis reshuffles top-level team

Extensis reshuffles top-level team Extensis is reshuffling its management, and is splitting and the Extensis Products Group into separate business units of parent company Craig Keudell, former senior vice president of sales and operations has become general manager of the Extensis Products Group. He is to report directly to Rich Begert, president and CEO of, said Extensis. Extensis’ co-founder and former CEO Craig Barnes will continue to work with Extensis Products Group and as a consultant. Leadership Keudell said: “Barnes’ leadership and guidance has successfully led us through the transition from a private company to...

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