Day: October 17, 2013

Report: New Guitar Hero will have redesigned guitar and first-person perspective

Report: New Guitar Hero will have redesigned guitar and first-person perspective Activision is preparing to make a big game announcement later today at a media-only event, although it appears the game is going to be a new Guitar Hero game, according to a recently published leak. According to the Le Monde which is syndicated to Yahoo France, the new Guitar Hero is being developed by FreeStyleGames, the studio behind the DJ Hero series, and will feature a first-person perspective feature as well as a completely redesigned guitar controller that has two rows of three keys. Additional details, such as...

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IDC: Apple extends worldwide lead in tablet market

IDC: Apple extends worldwide lead in tablet market Apple increased its dominance of the tablet market in the second quarter, boosting its market share of units shipped to almost 70 percent, IDC said Thursday. Apple shipped 17 million iPads, upping its share to 68.2 percent from 61.5 percent in last year’s second quarter, when it shipped 9.24 million units. Year-on-year, Apple grew its second-quarter iPad shipments 84.3 percent. Worldwide tablet shipments for the second quarter were approximately 25 million units, compared to 15 million during the same period in 2011, an increase of 66.2 percent, according to IDC. The...

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MySpace searches for the money

MySpace searches for the money MySpace may “auction off” its search business to a major search engine operator, an executive from its parent company News Corp said on Tuesday. Too many users leave the social networking site to go to external search engines, so MySpace needs to improve its search functionality and make its search box more prominent, said Peter Chernin, News Corp’s president and chief operating officer. In fact, most MySpace users jump to the main search page for searching, and every time that happens, MySpace loses an opportunity to generate advertising revenue, he said at the...

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Security experts warn against iPhone web dialer

Security experts warn against iPhone web dialer Security researchers at SPI Labs are warning iPhone users not to use a special feature that lets them dial telephone numbers over the web using the iPhone’s Safari browser. The feature was created to give iPhone users a simple way to dial phone numbers listed on webpages, but according to SPI, the feature could be misused. Attackers could exploit a bug in this feature to trick a victim into making phone calls to expensive “900” numbers or even keep track of phone calls made by the victim over the web, said Billy...

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Noose tightens around

Noose tightens around The recording industry has stepped up its battle to shut down, announcing the arrest of a man who allegedly sold vouchers used to make purchases at the controversial online music store. UK police arrested the 25-year-old man in Bow, East London, earlier this month, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry said today. He allegedly sold vouchers through auction sites such as eBay and sent the money to off-shore accounts operated by the site’s owners. The music industry has been battling hard to shut down the Russian website, which it accuses of selling cut-rate...

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