Day: October 9, 2013

Guardian attacks anti-piracy methods

Guardian attacks anti-piracy methods Music industry attempts to prosecute individual music downloaders won’t destroy piracy, but online music services may take a bite, writes The Guardian. The criticism follows the British Phonographic Institute’s (BPI) news last week that it intends litigation against file sharers. The music industry believes piracy is costing it money in lost sales – but the BPI release announcing its plans carried a key statistic that offers hope, according to the Guardian. “It claims that 92 per cent of the eight million people in the UK downloading music are using illegal sites. The amazing figure is...

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WWDC ‘an OS X bonanza’ – Apple

WWDC ‘an OS X bonanza’ – Apple Over 50 per cent of Macintosh developers who attended the 2001Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) plan to release a Mac OS X product in the next six months, claims Apple. The figures emerged in a survey conducted by Apple among developers at WWDC. The results also show that 29 per cent of developers plan to release Mac OS X software within three months. Three quarters of developers will release Mac OS X-compatible products within the next year. Apple found that a “large percentage” of professional Mac-developers are programming in the Java and Objective...

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Iphone, ipod device and Leopard launches due

Iphone, ipod device and Leopard launches due The following two several weeks appear set to become busy within the Apple world. Reviews are recommending that September often see Apple launch new iPods (prior to the Chrismas hurry) along with the European form of the iPhone. The lengthy anticipated launch from the iPhone in areas of Europe could coincide using the Apple Expo Paris, which is held from 25-29 September. However, it ought to be noted that although the Expo event this past year coincided with Apple’s launch of recent iPods no launch event required place in the Paris show....

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Downturn lowers Apple stock 15%

Downturn lowers Apple stock 15% Apple lost 15 per cent of its market capital on yesterday’s trading, closing $3.03 dollars down at $17.12. The fall follows the company’s profit-warning announcement after market-close on Tuesday. Investors showed their concern with their dollars, pulling them out of the tech sector. It isn’t just Apple that’s to blame. US reports show declining consumer confidence. This has combined with continued malaise in other sectors of the economy. Downturn Recent profit warnings from AMD, Palm, Hewlett-Packard, and several other high-profile companies in the tech sector aren’t helping the situation; the much hoped-for recovery in...

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