Day: July 17, 2013

Rappelz Launches Epic VII: Reanimation 

Rappelz Launches Epic VII: Reanimation  Prepare the hunt for monsters and powerful rewards with the official launch of Rappelz Epic VII: Reanimation! Tame the wild Lydian lion as your newest fearsome pet and tackle enemies together in the deadly Master Class dungeon, The Labyrinth. The Lydian, once just a stylish lion mount, can now be tamed to battle alongside their masters in full on combat. A diverse set of skills lends this companion powerful attacks while also making them hardy tanks for dicey situations. Call on him to charge into enemies with the Pounce attack, or paralyze them with...

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New Super Mario Bros 2 announced, first screenshot looks Stunning

New Super Mario Bros 2 announced, first screenshot looks Stunning Nintendo has just announced new game in Super Mario Bros franchise, titled as Super Mario Bros 2. This new installment will feature everyones favourite Mario, Luigi and other Mario characters. However, Nintendo did not confirmed which characters will be playable. Several screenshots for the game was also showcased at recently concluded Nintendo Direct event. The screens show golden enemies, climbing spider webs, and the racoon tailed Mario. The game is schedule to launch in August 2012 in Japan and also in United States. Check out the screenshots...

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Windows Phone Apollo: What we know so far

Windows Phone Apollo: What we know so far With Windows Phone Mango showing up in new smartphones and rolling out to old ones, it’s time to look ahead to the next big update to Microsoft’s mobile operating system, code-named Apollo. Even though we don’t know much about Windows Phone Apollo, hints and teasers are fueling plenty of speculation. Most recently, Michael Halbherr, Nokia’s executive vice president for location and commerce, told Engadget to expect the update in mid-2012. Although Microsoft quickly clarified that Halbherr’s timing is inaccurate, the company didn’t confirm or deny any other details that have slipped...

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