Day: July 16, 2013

Microsoft hopes to Netscape Google

Microsoft hopes to Netscape Google Google may turn to lessons from the fall of Netscape Communications in order to survive against Microsoft. It’s been ten years since the initial public offering (IPO) of Netscape Communications and the story of its rise and fall has inspired comparisons to Google. Like Netscape, Google had a wildly successful IPO, created a mainstream technology for optimizing Internet use and, as a result, has Microsoft preparing to do battle to steal its market. Though the Internet landscape today is vastly different than the one that Netscape forged a decade ago, Google could learn how...

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WildStar: One Fan's Maths Are Too Strong | WildStar

WildStar: One Fan’s Maths Are Too Strong | WildStar One Reddit user accurately estimates the size of Galeras, in comparison to Nexus. He did it all with just a Warrior Leap. Catching up on my Twitter feed, I came across an interesting tweet from @Team_Wildstar. One of our intrepid Redditors (correctly) extrapolated the size of Nexus based on a single Warrior leap. Crazy! — Team WildStar (@Team_WildStar) November 12, 2013 I did a double take when reading this tweet. It seems based on the replies to the tweet, I was not the only one who was amazed by...

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