Destiny: The Taken King To Introduce Osmium, A New Planetary Material?

Looks like Destiny: The Taken King is about to introduce a new planetary material called Osmium. According to some clues coming from Reddit, this new item was showcased in Lauren’s inventory during the latest Bungie livestream and stacked up to 200, so it’s surely a planetary material.


“There are two things which point to it being Osmium. One is the description for the Crux of Crota (found on the Eidolon Ally), which reads – “Obtained by defeating the son of Oryx and heir to the Osmium Throne in the Raid’s most difficult mode. From this, we can see a relationship of Osmium to Oryx. Where does Oryx rule from? His Dreadnaught”, observes Reddit user Naitrax.

In synthesis, “Oryx is a ruler of the Hive, and sits upon the Osmium Throne, which Crota was heir to. The Hive have been mining this out of our Moon. In The Taken King, we will find Osmium within the Dreadnaught and it will be used to upgrade our gear – possibly being a new Raid material.”

There are also some screenshots displaying the Osmium is already in the game, precisely in the Hellmouth.

Destiny: The Taken King Osmium Screenshot 1

Destiny: The Taken King Osmium Screenshot 2