Day: March 17, 2013

Metrowerks ends CodeWarrior for Mac

Metrowerks ends CodeWarrior for Mac Mac software development application CodeWarrior is heading to oblivion, manufacturer Metrowerks has said. The final version of the development environment (which is now owned by Freescale Semiconductor), CodeWarrior 10, will be released this autumn. CodeWarrior was previously the de facto standard for developing applications for Mac, and enabled cross-platform development because it was also available for other computer platforms. Ars Technica reveals a note on Apple’s developer mailing list that confirms the news, adding that CodeWarrior 10 will “probably be released as a download only at a low price”. The software will not compile...

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Waren Story: Closed Beta Available Now 

Waren Story: Closed Beta Available Now  Take on legions of rival players in ferocious large-scale battles in Waren Story, the latest free to play MMORPG from Aeria Games. The company announced the beginning of Closed Beta testing for this fantasy adventure filled with great visuals and engaging PvP gameplay. Waren Story features four distinct classes, and ten captivating PvP modes to foster competition between players and guilds. A variety of battlefields set the stage on which skilled gamers can vie for supremacy, and each other’s precious honor points. An ultimate battlefield also awaits for the bravest and most daring, pitting...

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Apple Publicly Pushes For Veto to Arizona "Anti-Gay" Law

Apple Publicly Pushes For Veto to Arizona “Anti-Gay” Law Apple puts pressure on Jan Brewer to veto Arizona’s LGBT discrimination bill. According to Gizmodo, Apple has made a personal call to Arizona governor, Jan Brewer, to use her powers of veto the Senate Bill 1062 which will see business legally refuse to serve members of the LGBT community and uphold employees’ refusals to work alongside LGBT persons, citing “religious beliefs.” Apple, who spearheaded the explosion of mobile gaming with their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices, will create thousands of jobs in the state by breaking ground on a factory...

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The Beatles through iTunes will not impact earnings

The Beatles through iTunes will not impact earnings The debut of music in the Beatles on iTunes along with other digital music services might not result in huge sales, analysts claim. Over the years, music in the band has spent 1,278 days within the chart, producing 15 number 1 hits. The Beatles have offered more than 107,000,000 albums in america alone. The making it through Beatles are among the last primary functions to won’t license their music for distribution through online music services, but the concept tracks in the band is going to be provided later on is reality,...

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