Day: March 6, 2013

No PC version of Fable II: Lionhead

No PC version of Fable II: Lionhead Praying and hoping for PC version of Fable II?, its of no use as Lionhead has confirmed that there won’t be PC version of Fable II as the studion is now working on a new projects. Mike West, senior designer in an interview to Beefjack said, “With Fable III the team and time was right to create a PC version,” “Once the game went to submission the content creators started working on DLC and therefore the coders were free to start on the PC version. “Unfortunately for Fable II fans, those same...

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Apple slow to fight Chinese fakes, according to Wikileaks cable

Apple slow to fight Chinese fakes, according to Wikileaks cable Apple did not have a global security team, including in China, until March, 2008, when it hired employees from drug company Pfizer, to counter rampant counterfeiting of its products in China, according to a cable leaked by activist group, WikiLeaks. Apple had not so much as registered its trademarks in China or Hong Kong until Don Shruhan, one of the Pfizer executives, joined the company, the September, 2008 cable from the U.S. embassy in Beijing said. Apple was relatively unknown in China before the introduction of its iPod music...

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Quark big-wig addresses London show

Quark big-wig addresses London show Quark’s vice president of strategic development Mark Lemmons will give a keynote address at the Digital Solutions show in London. Lemmons will discuss the changing face of publishing and communication, and Quark’s strategic vision for media-independent publishing that was unveiled at the Seybold Seminars in Boston last month. Lemmons explained: “There was a time when publishing just meant putting ink on paper, but the industry is having to adapt to a whole new business model. “Now your content can end up in print as well as on the Web, hand-held devices, mobile, phones, and...

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