Month: February 2013

Google Q1 profits climb

Google Q1 profits climb Google’s revenue and net income rose in the first quarter, ended March 31, 2006, thanks to continued increases in the usage of its search engine services and online advertising sales. Revenue came in at $2.25 billion, a 79 per cent increase compared with 2005’s first quarter. Excluding the commissions Google pays to websites in its ad network, revenue was $1.53 billion, exceeding the $1.44 billion consensus expectation from analysts. Net income reached $592.3 million, or $1.95 per share, up from $369.2 million, or $1.29 per share. On a pro forma basis, which excludes certain one-time...

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Something stirs in new Syndrome trailer | Syndrome

Something stirs in new Syndrome trailer | Syndrome The new Syndrome trailer indicates that not all is well in outer space. This week, developers Camel 101 and Bigmoon Entertainment released a new trailer for their latest first person shooter horror game, Syndrome. The trailer contains a briefing from Captain Sven T. Marius, the commander of the SPS Valkenburg. It seems to have been recorded before the events in the game unfolded. While the audio indicates a happy and harmonious crew, the images we see tell a different story. You can watch the trailer below.   The game is set in...

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Apple Watch: A billboard for ads on the wrist?

Apple Watch: A billboard for ads on the wrist? Questions abound over how Apple’s Watch will function when it’s released later this year. But here’s one feature: It will be able to serve ads, based on the location of wearers and their purchases. How to watch the Apple Watch event live stream, and what to expect At least, that’s the vision laid out by TapSense, a mobile advertising exchange that has launched what it calls the first programmatic ad platform for the Apple Watch. The platform, the company says, provides a number of tools to let developers and brands...

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US Mac resellers feel the pressure

US Mac resellers feel the pressure US reseller Elite Computer has closed its five San Francisco Bay Area stores, and holds Apple to blame. The closures cost 50 jobs. Elite Computer owner Thomas Armes told the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal the closures were forced for two reasons: Apple has changed its reseller contracts and also delivers new products to its own chain of retail stores in preference to third party resellers, he said. The new contract limits resellers rights to sue for damages in disputes with Apple. Armes also claims Apple didn’t provide as much product to his...

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Adobe releases Flash Player 10.2 beta

Adobe releases Flash Player 10.2 beta Apple and Adobe have exchanged plenty of salvos in their skirmish over the future of rich content on the Web, but now Adobe’s attempting to match actions to words. On Tuesday, the company announced the beta release of the next version of Flash Player, which it says will bring vastly improved video performance on Mac, Windows, and Linux. The aptly-named marquee feature of Flash Player 10.2 is Stage Video, which Adobe describes as a new API allowing for high performance video playback with a lower resource footprint. According to the company, Stage Video...

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