Month: January 2013

SimCity Rush Hour out in Sept

SimCity Rush Hour out in Sept The Mac version of SimCity 4 Rush Hour is expected to ship in September. Players take control of a city’s transportation system. Possible solutions include creating elevated train networks and developing a mass-transit systems including monorail, subway, or ferry services. Whether success in the game qualifies players to sort out London’s transport nightmares remains to be seen. Perhaps Mayor Ken Livingston will be getting a copy. The game requires SimCity 4 to play. It runs in Mac OS X 10.2.3, needs a processor speed 500 MHz or faster, 256 MB RAM, 1 GB...

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Adobe Acrobat X ‘by end of year’

Adobe Acrobat X ‘by end of year’ Adobe Systems says it is on track to ship a much-enhanced version of its Acrobat document management software by the end of the year. Acrobat X is a major update to the suite of tools for authoring PDF documents. It described as the lynchpin of Adobe’s new Intelligent Document Platform strategy. The Intelligent Document Platform includes Intelligent Documents, a Universal Client and XML powered Document Services that mean PDF documents can be integrated into business processes and extend beyond the...

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Motorola plans PowerPC G5 and G6

Motorola plans PowerPC G5 and G6 No sooner has Apple unleashed the Power Mac G4 range of killer Macs, than Motorola announces its processor road map with PowerPC G5 and G6 chips at 2GHz! The PowerPC road map sketches out Motorola’s plans for the processor architecture all the way to 2009. Motorola expects to continue manufacturing the current PowerPC 750 (G3) and 7400 (G4) processors even when it introduces the 7500 (G5) and 7600 (G6). The PowerPC G3, the brawn behind Apple’s iMacs and portables, will reach speeds of “up to 450 MHz,” the current ceiling for the chip....

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Xbox One August Firmware Detailed, "Adds Mobile Purchase Feature, Low Battery Notification And More"

Xbox One August Firmware Detailed, “Adds Mobile Purchase Feature, Low Battery Notification And More” Microsoft has just revealed some juicy details regarding extra features that are coming to Xbox One via August 2014 firmware. The update will provide players an ability to Mobile purchase i.e you will be able to wake your Xbox One from standby to automatic download new games and apps and make a purchase, use SmartGlass. Here is what Major Nelson says about Xbox One August Firmware: New updates include the ability to Like, Share and Comment on your Activity Feed. Also coming in August is...

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Google’s Picasa service gains Mac client

Google’s Picasa service gains Mac client Google recently released Mac OS X beta software that lets Apple users upload pictures to the company’s image-sharing service. The Picasa Web Albums Uploaders download includes two Mac tools to allow use of the until now Windows-only service. These include a plug-in for uploading images from within iPhoto and a standalone application for those who just want to upload occassional images. The software was developed by search engine software engineer, Ted Bonkenburg. He built the software as a project during the 20 per cent of working time Google offers its staff to work...

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