Special Announcement by Square Enix During E3 | Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 announced at the Sony Press Conference at E3.

It looks like Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 will be gracing PlayStation 4 very soon.

During the Sony E3 Press Conference, it was revealed that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now Final Fantasy XV. And the crowd goes wild! After being in development since…well forever, it turns out that FFXV will be released to the next generation PlayStation. The trailer also revealed some really great game play which is nothing like we have seen in Final Fantasy before.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has also been announced to be in the works. Gameplay for that game looks amazing as well. Get ready for the Heartless in massive numbers. Lets just say that this is when I jumped up and down and started shouting for everyone to come into my bedroom to watch.

On the E3 lineup, tomorrow is Future of Final Fantasy Q&A, so be sure to check out GameSkinny for more information on that.

Be sure to look out for more information to be posted on GameSkinny relating to everything Square Enix as these two games approach being released.