Month: July 2012

Corel’s stock soars after MS deal

Corel’s stock soars after MS deal Corel’s receipt of $135 million from Microsoft drove its stock price up 50 per cent yesterday. The Microsoft influx of capital, part of a strategic relationship that will see the companies jointly develop Microsoft’s .Net Internet initiative, helped Corel’s stock price jump to $6.12 a share in mid-afternoon trading, up 66 per cent, or $2.44 a share, from its Monday closing price. Corel’s stock price has faltered in recent months and slumped to as low as $2.90 a share on August 7. Corel also announced that Derek Burney, who was acting as interim...

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Apple to host DVD and 3D events

Apple to host DVD and 3D events Apple is hosting two events in the coming months – a LightWave event at its UK headquarters in Uxbridge on November 28, and a DVD Authoring Simplified event held in Warwickshire on December 6. Other companies at the LightWave event, which is free of charge, will include Gomark and NewTek. NewTek will showcase new features in LightWave 3D version 7.0 for Mac, including Digital Confusion, Motion Mixer, Spreadsheet Editor, real-time HyperVoxels, Sasquatch Lite and SkyTracer 2. 3D fur LightWave 3D is a photorealistic 3D-animation system that features non-linear animation, subdivision surface modeller,...

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Pokemon Black and White 2 first week sales figure revealed

Pokemon Black and White 2 first week sales figure revealed The first week sales figure of recently release pokemon game, “Pokemon Black and White 2” has been revealed. According to the figure provided by Famitsu and Enterbrain, Pokemon Black and White sells 1.6 million units (exact figure is 1,618,621). The game released this last Saturday only so these sales figure are for just two days. Pokemon Black and White 2 also landed on third position with respect to best start for DS platform. Famitus magazine also revealed lifetime sales figure for DS and 3DS. Till June 17, DS has...

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Online free speech under fire

Online free speech under fire Freedom of speech online is under its fiercest threats in a decade because of two proposals in the US Congress, the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) said. “Free speech online is facing some of its most serious assaults” since the Child Online Protection Act (COPA) was passed in late 1998, said Leslie Harris, executive director of CDT, a civil liberties advocacy group. One of those proposals would require schools and libraries to block internet chat and social networking tools. The US government continues to spend millions of dollars to fight successful court challenges...

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Rift going F2P on June 12th! | RIFT

Rift going F2P on June 12th! | RIFT Rift goes FTP June 12th! So Rift announced some time ago they were going F2P, and now that model will be introduced June 12th. So how does this make everyone feel on Rift’s F2P model? I personally feel it will be great in the way of boosting populations on servers. I think we have all been seeing the populations decrease across all servers, with Trion combining servers along the way. It will give that excitement back into the game we all felt when we first started. Dead zones will be alive...

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