Nintendo update brings Gunvolt, Steamworld, and Capcom discount rates

Another week, another batch of downloadable games for that 3DS and Wii U through Nintendo’s eShop. Now looks particularly busy, so let us get began.

On Wii U, gamers can get hold of the process action game SteamWorld Dig ($9.99), featuring superb animation along with a huge exploration theme, while you dig the right path through levels to locate hidden goodies. Available too may be the mysterious space game The Autumn ($9.99), having a retro-style 2D exploration theme and lots of chills.

If you like Virtual Console games, there’s two to select from. The usually rare Donkey Kong Junior. Math ($4.99) is a great “edutainment” game that shows the basics with everyone’s favorite ape, while Mega Man X3 ($7.99) brings nowhere Bomber back, inside a game that will otherwise the handful of hundred to possess in physical form.

Additionally, Zen Pinball 2 has four new tables available, such as the Walking Dead, Physician Strange, Deadpool and Parents from the Universe, as well as other games happen to be marked lower for discount, including Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist, which is $19.99 after September first, in addition to various Capcom game titles, like DuckTales: Remastered and Dungeons & Dragons: Stories of Mystara.

Around the 3DS, there are many games to select from. Professor Layton versus. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney ($29.99) has become available, mixing the 2 characters’ game galaxies in fine form. Keiji Inafune’s latest effort, Azure Striker Gunvolt ($14.99) can also be prepared to download, getting side-scrolling shooting to nostalgic 8-bit fans.

Other games include Outback Pet Save three dimensional ($19.99) and Thorium Wars: Attack from the Skyfighter ($7.99), in addition to discount rates on Capcom game titles like Super Street Fighter IV: three dimensional Edition and Resident Evil games.