Day: June 16, 2012

Become a master of Adobe Flash CS5

Become a master of Adobe Flash CS5 A new video tutorial series has been released by Infinite Skills, the company that offers eLearning and computer-based video solutions to individuals and businesses worldwide. The video series aims to help users learn how to get the most from Adobe Flash CS5. The new training course employs real-time video-walkthrough and instructor-led sample projects, and has been designed to help users learn the basics of Adobe Flash CS5, as well as how it can be used in multiple design and multimedia workflows. Many popular Flash features are discussed, from basic vector drawing tools...

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3 key things to know about Yosemite and security

3 key things to know about Yosemite and security Like its National Park namesake, Apple’s newest operating system can be imposing, perhaps even a little daunting to newcomers. And although you won’t find any bears in the digital version of Yosemite, that doesn’t mean it’s danger free. After all, online security is rarely a walk in the park–and these three features of Yosemite could potentially impact your security. Spotlight knows where you are Spotlight became a lot more useful in Yosemite, but it also became more talkative. That’s because in order to return information about local services such as...

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