Day: June 13, 2012

Mobile podcast solution revealed

Mobile podcast solution revealed Podcasting to mobile phones is possible with new software, Pod2Mob. The beta software for Mac and Windows lets users stream audio files directly to their mobile phones using a computer. The Pod2Mob application downloads updated podcasts on the go and streams them to an applet on the user’s mobile phone. Content can be refreshed as often as desired, while transmissions are rated by listeners for quality and popularity. The company says streaming the data requires far less memory than downloading the full audio file. Co-founder Brad Zutaut said: “We built Pod2Mob so that people with...

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L.A. Noire "Investigation and Interrogation" trailer out now

L.A. Noire “Investigation and Interrogation” trailer out now Rockstar and Team Bondi has released a second gameplay trailer “Investigation and Interrogation” for their upcoming video game title L.A Noire. The video footage focuses completely on interrogating and investigating skills of any good detective. The trailer also reveals how gamers will search crime scenes, interact with possible clues and question witnesses and suspects in order to solve cases. L.A Noire is slated to launch on May 17 for PS3, Xbox 360 and...

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