Day: June 12, 2012

Mobile app store revenue to reach $15bn in 2011

Mobile app store revenue to reach $15bn in 2011 Analyst firm Gartner has forecast that worldwide mobile application store downloads will reach 17.7 billion downloads in 2011, a 117 percent increase from the estimated 8.2 billion downloads in 2010. This will generate around $15bn (£9.5bn), according to Gartner’s estimates, which represents a 190 percent increase on 2010’s revenue of $5.2bn. The revenue will be generated by both end users buying applications and applications themselves generating advertising revenue for their developers. Gartner’s estimates come on the back of a separate report issued this week by IDC that predicted that many...

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Apple dubbed ‘marketer of the year’

Apple dubbed ‘marketer of the year’ Apple has won high praise from Advertising Age, which has declared the company ‘Marketer of the year’. A special report describes Apple as “an innovative company that changes consumers’ lives”. It describes the impact of Apple’s products across the world – from iPod DJ parties in New York to the impact of its notebook technologies in the classroom. “The genius of Apple is that its brand has come to embody a lifestyle,” it reports. “Apple resonates with consumers across generations and international boundaries,” it says, adding that the company “expects to sell” its...

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