Day: May 20, 2012

F.E.A.R 3 PC patch available now

F.E.A.R 3 PC patch available now Day 1 Studios has just released a patch update for PC version of F.E.A.R 3. This first patch update for the game carries fix for the annoying stuttering effect when the game was running at a really high framerate. It also provide option to adjust players FOV and support for wider than 16:3 aspect ratio display. The patch will be auto-downloaded next time you start your Steam client. Complete change log is given below: Stuttering and jerky movement at frame rates above 30 fps is fixed! Steam voice communication “push-to-talk” option is now...

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Cliff Bleszinski Invests in Fig crowdfunding platform

Cliff Bleszinski Invests in Fig crowdfunding platform Gears of War and LawBreakers creator Cliff Bleszinski knows about Kickstarter. What developer doesn’t? But “kickstarting” projects just doesn’t do it for him. “I asked myself — if I put in a good chunk of money in Kickstarter, shouldn’t I get more than like a mug?” he said in an interview with Forbes. “It’s the classic example of vote with your dollars by way of investing. Fig, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to games, is more to Bleszinski’s liking. So he invested in it, according to a new blog post. “We are super excited to...

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Dashboard is most anticipated Tiger feature

Dashboard is most anticipated Tiger feature Mac fans are getting keyed up for the imminent launch of Tiger, which, according to Apple, will launch in the first half of this year. Macworld readers were asked: “What Tiger feature are you looking forward to the most?” in an online poll. With 1,532 votes cast it emerged that more than a quarter (29 per cent) were most excited about Dashboard. Almost another quarter (24 per cent) is looking forward to searching with Spotlight. “Crystal clear video in QuickTime 7” was the most popular choice of 15 per cent of readers. While...

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WWE SuperCard 1.1 update adds two new game modes

WWE SuperCard 1.1 update adds two new game modes If you check around Chatty circles, you might notice that an unlikely game has grabbed a chunk of their attention. 2K’s free-to-play iOS card game/time eater, WWE SuperCard, has become an unlikely hit, with over three million downloads in less than a month. Fresh off this success, 2K is now adding some new content in a free update. The new People’s Champion Challenge mode will last a week and see users selecting between two WWE Superstars in a match that corresponds a live event, such as the upcoming Night of Champions. Selecting the winner will earn the user points, which can then be exchanged for greater rewards. The Ladder mode will see players earning victories to climb to the top of the ladder, with greater rewards offered for higher rungs. Those rewards include rare varieties of John Cena and Paige, two of the stronger characters in the game. For those actually looking to blow real money on this, 2K will now begin offering Ultra Rare Card Packs for $9.99. This is the highest tier of rare card in the game and can often result in an instant win, even against Super Rare cards. Pay to win, indeed. WWE SuperCard is available now on the App...

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Google updates Chrome to restore browser after Microsoft blunder

Google updates Chrome to restore browser after Microsoft blunder Google updated Chrome over the weekend to help users affected by Microsoft’s errant flagging of the browser as malware. New versions of Chrome for both the “stable” and “beta” channels were released Saturday, the day after Microsoft’s antivirus products identified Chrome as the Zeus botnet Trojan, and deleted the “chrome.exe” file on some users’ Windows PCs. Although Microsoft re-released an antivirus definition file within hours of the Friday snafu, scores of Chrome users reported that they were unable to reinstall the browser or that if they had, they had lost...

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