Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire begins its story today

Today is a big day for Star Wars: The Old Republic and one that BioWare Austin has been anticipating for quite a while. Today sees the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion launch for all subscribers.

For those unfamiliar with the expansion first revealed at E3 2015, this storyline fast-forwards the events of The Old Republic slightly to reveal a world that has been taken over by a new threat. It’s a threat that has devastated the Republic, one that the Sith are all-too-familiar with, and one that has become immensely powerful. Players wake up after a long coma and now leads an effort to retake the galaxy, with a number of powerful decisions coming to the forefront.

Those concerned about missing the story shouldn’t have to worry too much, since Knights of the Fallen Empire will come with a Level 60 character. The level cap will be upped to 65 and some new abilities will also be made available for all classes.

To get a better idea of what Knights of the Fallen Empire will entail and how BioWare Austin is aiming to return to its storytelling roots, check out our interview with the game’s producer from a few weeks ago, as well as our hands-on with the expansion’s opening minutes.