Month: February 2012

Insecure Android ‘a myth’ – Motorola

Insecure Android ‘a myth’ – Motorola It’s a myth that Android isn’t secure and is difficult for IT managers to control, a Motorola Mobile executive said in an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show here. Christy Wyatt , general manager of Motorola’s recently-created enterprise business unit, said the company has recently started licensing security and management tools designed to bring virtual private networks, encryption and other protections to the Android platform to make it secure. Motorola gained the security technology with its acquisition of 3LM, a maker of Android security and device management tools last year. Other makers of...

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Accessories for MacBook Pro users

Accessories for MacBook Pro users ViewSonic VX2336s-LED  £129   Canon’s new EOS M is an 18-megapixel interchangeable lens compact system camera. Small enough to carry around in your bag but full of features that aim to rival DSLRs, it has 1080p HD video capabilities, a touchscreen display and Scene Intelligent Auto features. It’s also available in four...

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FujiFilm ships multimedia camera

FujiFilm ships multimedia camera FujiFilm has launched the FinePix 50i multimedia digital-camera. Less than an inch wide, this digital camera sports a new iMac desktop download-cradle, audio recording and voice captioning. The camera also has a brighter LCD screen than its predecessor, the 40i, and features an MP3 remote control. The 50i has a 2.47-megapixel Super CCD sensor, which can deliver an interpolated resolution of up to 4.3 million pixels. The camera is equipped with an autofocus lens, the equivalent of a 36mm lens on a 35mm film camera. A 1.5-inch 110,000 pixel TFT (thin flat transistor) LCD (liquid...

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Benchmarks: iPhone 5s lives up to the hype

Benchmarks: iPhone 5s lives up to the hype While much of the recent discussion about the new iPhone 5s and 5c has been about colors and availability, the Macworld Lab has been busy thinking about the new iPhones’ performance. We put our brand new iPhone 5s and 5c to the test and found that the devices to live up to–and in some cases surpass–Apple’s marketing claims. While many things about the new iPhones are similar to last year’s iPhone 5 (including the 4-inch screen, 1136 by 640 pixel resolution, and storage capacity), there are a number of under-the-hood changes...

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iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 zero-day exploits revealed at HP Pwn2Own contest

iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 zero-day exploits revealed at HP Pwn2Own contest Two teams of Japanese “white hat” hackers have been declared victors at HP’s Pwn2Own 2013 contest in Tokyo today for finding zero-day exploits that allowed them to compromise the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. HP has just reported to Apple and Samsung how these exploits were carried out by the Keen Team and Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions team, respectively, so that fixes can be made. The Keen Team won $27,500 from HP for its efforts, and the Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions team won $40,000. Neither...

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