Day: January 26, 2012

LG beats Apple to voice-controlled TVs

LG beats Apple to voice-controlled TVs Speculation on the much-talked about Apple TV set commonly point to the application of voice-controlled features with Siri. However, Apple isn’t going to be the first company to pioneer the concept of telling your entertainment set what to play. That honor actually goes to Microsoft’s Kinect, which works in conjunction with the Xbox 360 to navigate your console’s content and vocally control video playback. However, LG Electronics can boast that they’ve (technically) got the first smart TV lineup with built-in voice-command software, thanks to the Magic Motion Remote Control. LG’s Korean branch “unveiled”...

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WWE All Stars 3DS version announced

WWE All Stars 3DS version announced THQ has announced a 3DS version of WWE All Stars is currently in development, and it is schedule to launch this FALL. According to the details revealed by the publisher, the game will come with a ower-packed roster of colorful WWE Legends and prominent current-day WWE Superstars. It will also include 13 superstars which were released as DLC for PS3 and Xbox 360 version. THQ core EVP Danny Bilson said, WWE All Stars 3DS “gameplay experience and over-the-top energy” of the console releases will translate well to a handheld format. Are you looking...

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John Romero releases his second new Doom level in 23 years

John Romero releases his second new Doom level in 23 years Back in January, John Romero delighted fans of Doom, id Software’s classic from 1993, by releasing a brand new level—his first map for the hellish FPS in over 23 years. Now, as a way to hype and warm up for Blackroom, his new-old-school FPS currently on Kickstarter, Romero took to Twitter to announce another map for id’s breakout shooter. Where his first map replaced E1M8 (episode 1, mission 8) of Doom, this one supplants E1M4: Command Control, originally created by Romero’s friend and id Software co-founder Tom Hall. “With the...

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