Tetris Ultimate now available for next-gen platformsRelevant
Ubisoft has announced that Tetris Ultimate is now available for purchase on Playstation 4 and Xbox One for 12.50 u$/£7.99

Tetris Ultimate is the newest version of the ancient classic, boasting new visuals, but retaining the same addictive qualities that made it a household name. With a total of six game modes, there is plenty here to keep you satisfied, be it alone or with up to four friends.

These new modes include Battle, in which you have to knock out opponents and be the last one standing, Marathon, where the goal is to reach the final level racking up as many points as possible, and Endless, during which you have to keep clearing lines until your stamina runs out, among others.

Tetris Ultimate is currently available for Nintendo 3DS  in both physical and digital versions. The game is also scheduled for release in  2015 for PC and PS Vita.