Fallout 4 Achievements Locked To People Using Mods: Report

It seems like using unauthorized mods prevents Fallout 4 PC players to unlock achievements on Steam. The issue, which we have never heard about so far, has been reported by Reddit users familiar with the matter, since, well, they just can’t unlock achievements after downloading a few mods.

Fallout 4

This is the most interesting slice of the report itself:

  • When you install a mod and load a save, any saves made will be separated into a new save slot. Example, say your character’s name is John. You install a mod, play around on John for a little while, and save the game. Instead of saving to the regular John section of your save menu, it will create a John [Modded] section.
  • If you were to, say, play around with mods for a few hours but want to go back to earning achievements, your only option is to load from your original John files, losing any progress you made with mods installed. So if you plan to play Far Harbor, for instance, and want those achievements, but also want to play with mods, you’ll need to load back to before you installed any mods, and no progress you made with mods installed can be carried over.
  • Even if you were to uninstall all the mods on your modded character, that [modded] flag is checked permanently, and you can’t earn achievements without loading to the original.
  • Beta testers are apparently by and large not happy about this. Bethesda staff has not commented on whether or not this is up for debate. The general consensus seems to be that mod authors don’t want users to have a reason to keep mods disabled, they don’t want users to be made to feel like mods are cheating, and they don’t want users to have a reason to not use mods. Want to install a mod that fixes a broken quest, you can’t get achievements. Want to install a mod that adds a new weapon, you can’t achievements. If you want to use the Unofficial Patch, you can’t get achievements. Some people argue that mods will enable players to cheese achievements, but that was NEVER EVER an issue with Fallout 3, NV, and Skyrim. Mods are content, not cheats.
  • As of now the current plan is presumably for this to extend to consoles for achievements/trophies as well.

This isn’t the first time mods go controversial on PC, especially when Bethesda is involved. In the moment when mods were most popular on Skyrim, in fact, the publisher made those mods paid contents until people’s backlash was too strong they had to remove any paywall there.

Rockstar Games also had some issues with Grand Theft Auto V mods, if you recall: while publicly reiterating their support to the modding community, the developers were constantly releasing updates for the game in order to completely screw up any community effort in the making of mods.

We’ll have to wait and see if Bethesda publicly addresses this, now. The developer and publisher is working on an official mod support to bring people from Steam and carry them over to Bethesda.net, pretending it’s just a matter of having those mods available platform-agnostic.

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