Day: November 22, 2011

Eggheads vote for unseen G5

Eggheads vote for unseen G5 Scientists have voted Apple’s Power Mac G5 as their computer of choice – before any of the models have even shipped. Scientific Computing & Instrumentation magazine named the G5 as its editors’ choice for scientific applications. It said: “The Power Mac G5 features a 64-bit desktop processor and a 1GHz front-side bus It utilizes 64-bit processing technology for memory expansion up to 8GB and 64-bit computation, while running existing 32-bit applications natively. “It offers dual 2.0GHz PowerPC G5 processors, each with an independent 1GHz front-side bus, for 16GBps of bandwidth. “The line also features...

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As browsing goes mobile, Apple wins, Mozilla loses

As browsing goes mobile, Apple wins, Mozilla loses The trend toward browsing from phones and tablets has helped some browser makers, dramatically in one case, but hurt others in the battle for usage share, data from a metrics firm showed. According to Net Applications, 12% of all browser use last month originated on mobile devices, which the Web analytics company defined as smartphones and tablets. While down from the 13.2% of February, mobile’s contribution in March was more than enough to show which browser vendors have benefited from the shift to mobile and which have not. Creating a combined...

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5 Things OS X Mountain Lion Can Teach Windows 8

5 Things OS X Mountain Lion Can Teach Windows 8 Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion launched Wednesday, so it’s a good time for Windows users to peer across the border at what features in Mountain Lion might prove useful. Note that Windows 8 is a complete overhaul, while Mountain Lion is more of a refinement. Yet the Apple update adds lots of new features that would fit in nicely on Microsoft’s OS. In hopes of keeping alive the tradition of stolen OS features, here are five aspects of OS X Mountain Lion that we’d like to see in future...

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iPod nano class action goes international

iPod nano class action goes international Lawyers representing a US class action filed by iPod nano purchasers last Friday filed suits on behalf of users in the UK and Mexico. Both lawsuits claim the iPod nano is defective in its design, which allows the screen to become scratched in normal use. Lawyers are claiming that Apple knew of this design flaw but chose to ignore it in an effort to speed the product to market. The lawsuit claims the defect is a result of a much thinner layer of resin used in the nano that does not provide adequate...

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