Month: October 2011

iOS bug prevents New Year’s alarms UPDATED

iOS bug prevents New Year’s alarms UPDATED Beware, one-time iOS alarms are not working right. Your alarm won’t go off if you set it to repeat: never – e.g. the standard setting. However, if you set the alarm to repeat every Monday, Tuesday, etc, or just Saturday, it will go off. The interesting thing is that this is the opposite of what happened after the clock change back in October. Then alarms set to go off on particular days of the week, e.g. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, didn’t go off. We wondered if an extra second might have...

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Apple is expanding

Apple is expanding Apple is quietly expanding, snapping up new office space across Cupertino. A local report in the San Jose Business Journal reveals the company to have been “quietly, but consistently” leasing “tens of thousands” of extra square feet of office space. Apple has been securing extra space since December 2004. As well as its well-known six-building Cupertino headquarters, the company also has premises on Cupertino’s Mariani Avenue, North De Anza Boulevard, Lazaneo Drive, Stevens Creek Boulevard, Bubb Road and Bandley Drive. “In total, Apple has paid city business licence fees or filed an application for a business...

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Apple will be a $20 billion company

Apple will be a $20 billion company American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu has repeated his Buy rating on Apple stock, predicting the company will continue its above-market growth. Wu reports that his earlier concerns at high investor expectations, competition, the transition to Intel, and even stock valuation “have lessened”. “We believe Apple is well-positioned to continue above market growth rates with arguably the industry’s most powerful and complete stack of hardware, software, and service,” he said. In a note to clients he describes a better-than-anticipated peak in 2GB iPod nano sales, iPod shuffles and also new Aperture software....

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Un-Covered: 'Hardcore' TPS Dizzel rolls into Open Beta 

Un-Covered: ‘Hardcore’ TPS Dizzel rolls into Open Beta  If you aren’t in the mood to kill zombies, monsters or robots, but still want to enjoy a good old fashion Third-Person shooter, then you may want to check out Dizzel from OGPlanet. The TPS launched into beta, not closed or open mind you, just beta and is said to have a “Gears-of-War” vibe too it, what with the over-the-top fatalities, dodge rolls and cover-based aiming. Those mechanics existed before Gears-of-War, but I digress, Dizzel does tout some notably interesting sounding game modes like “Killer Sentinels” and to catch a “Predator...

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Ant Simulator cancelled after team allegedly blows funds on ‘liquor, cars, and even strippers’

Ant Simulator cancelled after team allegedly blows funds on ‘liquor, cars, and even strippers’ Ant Simulator has been canceled, Eteeski LLC. announced over the weekend, with Eric Tereshinski resigning from the company. The reason for the cancellation was detailed in a video published on Saturday, in which Tereshinski alleges his ex-business partners were secretly stealing company money and spent the “overwhelming majority” of funds raised via Kickstarter and the Ant Simulator investment money on “liquor, restaurant, cars, and even strippers.” “A year and a half ago, I signed an LLC agreement with them,” Tereshinski says. “I trusted them and they...

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