Day: August 16, 2011

Virtual Windows available on Mac

Virtual Windows available on Mac has launched an online virtual-desktop, that lets Macs use Windows software. claims to be the Net’s first application service provider (ASP). For a set monthly fee, software such as Microsoft Office 2000 can be used over the Web. The service is a step towards “dummy terminals”, where little software is stored on a PC, but instead shared over a network or the Web. Software manufacturers claim this will reduce fraud and boost profits. International users are currently unable to rent any of’s monthly fee-based software. However, they can still sign up...

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Tech-stocks fall on ‘nervous’ market

Tech-stocks fall on ‘nervous’ market European stock markets opened shakily this morning as Apple’s surprise stock warning last week begins to shake investor confidence in other IT-related stocks. Reuters reports the DJ Stoxx technology sector displaying the first sign of this impact, recording an 0.5 per cent loss in early dealings. London, Paris and German stock markets opened badly, but have now entered a nervous neutral state. Analysts expect belief in the IT sector to remain shaky, with impending announcements regarding the Euro, and worries over oil prices also affecting the markets this morning. The Asian markets also succumbed...

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Opinion: Why Apple is making OS X more like iOS

Opinion: Why Apple is making OS X more like iOS When Apple unveiled its preview of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion earlier this year, many people in the blogosphere concluded that Mac OS X was being “iOSified.” In other words, features from iOS were being ported to OS X for use on the desktop, a continuation of the Back to the Mac campaign Apple first initiated with Mac OS X Lion. Some lamented that this has been a bad thing–as if features that work, in some cases, better on iOS than on the desktop, shouldn’t be added to OS...

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