Day: August 3, 2011

Apple Expo: Jobs on iPods and Apple secrecy

Apple Expo: Jobs on iPods and Apple secrecy Dropping the iPod mini in favour of Apple’s all-new iPod nano was like: “having a heart transplant right before the holiday”, said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. With the iPod mini being Apple’s biggest-selling iPod, the move put the company’s leading digital-music cash cow at risk: “Anyone would think we were crazy,” Jobs admitted. “We launched the iPod nano two weeks ago rather than at the Apple Expo because in the run-up to Christmas every week counts. The launch had been planned for over a year,” he confirmed. Jobs on Bluetooth, radio...

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Light to beam speedy chip-data

Light to beam speedy chip-data Researchers at Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins University have developed a technique that allows them to use light, rather than electricity, to send data between microchips. The technology will greatly increase the speed at which data travels in computer and networking systems, according to one of the inventors. It relies on the same technology used in fibre-optic communication, but adds a new material for building chips to the equation. While computer chips are currently built using silicon, the new technique, called “silicon on sapphire”, uses thin slices of silicon placed on top of a layer of...

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Buy a new Mac, get iLife for all your Macs

Buy a new Mac, get iLife for all your Macs As with every Mac in recent memory, Apple’s latest hardware releases, the MacBook Air (Mid 2011) and Mac mini (Mid 2011), include the current versions of Mac OS X and iLife–in this case, Lion (OS X 10.7) and iLife ’11. (Interestingly, the new models include only iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. iWeb and iDVD are nowhere to be seen.) But these new models don’t include a DVD or thumb drive for reinstalling that software. If you ever have a problem that requires you to reinstall the OS on one of...

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