Day: April 23, 2011

Destiny gets PS4/PS3 exclusive goodies trailer

Destiny gets PS4/PS3 exclusive goodies trailer Destiny is less than two weeks away, a game that’s been a long time coming since its initial introduction last year. PlayStation fans have a little more to get excited about with their versions of the game on PS3 and PS4, as they’ll get some exclusive content before Xbox owners. To highlight which exclusives gamers will be getting, Sony, in conjunction with Activision and Bungie, has released a new trailer highlighting what gear, guns and maps you’ll be getting with these versions of the game. You can watch it below and savor the flavor of exclusiveness. Destiny releases across the board on September 9th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation...

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Toshiba 60GB move begs iPod question

Toshiba 60GB move begs iPod question Toshiba – the company that makes the iPod’s hard drive – is to launch a 60GB version of its Gigabeat hard-disk drive-based portable music player in Japan later this year. When Toshiba announced that it had begun producing a 60GB, 1.8-inch hard-disk drive in August there was speculation that Apple would incorporate the drive in to its iPod. At the time Cindy Lee, deputy manager of Toshiba Digital Media Network Taiwan’s hard disk drive division technical department, said Apple had already placed an order for the drives. However, Apple’s iPod is still only...

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