.Mac users get Bookmarks service, new Backup, more

Apple’s .Mac subscription service has introduced .Mac Bookmarks, which lets you take your Safari bookmarks with you when you travel. Apple has also updated its Backup application that can be used with a .Mac account.

To use .Mac Bookmarks, you’ll need Safari 1.0 and the iSync utility (version 1.1). With the combination, you can keep your bookmarks in sync so they stay up to date while you’re on the road. .Mac Bookmarks provides a surfer window via which your bookmarks open on any Internet-connected computer. You can use it on your home or work Mac, but according to Apple, you can also use it at such places as an Internet cafe. Change your bookmarks, and they’ll be synchronized across multiple Macs and on the Web.

Additionally, Apple’s online training course, “Going Digital with iTunes” (which costs US$39.95 retail), is being offered free to .Mac members. A series of practice steps, tips, and 28 QuickTime movies show how to use iTunes 4 and your Mac.

Apple is also offering a new version (1.2.3) of the Backup tool to .Mac subscribers. The update lets you back up music purchased from the iTunes Music Store.

.Mac subscriptions cost £69 per year, or you can sign up for a free 60-day trial of the .Mac service, click here.