Day: April 12, 2011

HTML5 animation tool Hype debuts

HTML5 animation tool Hype debuts Animators and designers have long had to rely on Adobe’s Flash and Dreamweaver software to create animation and interactive experiences for the Web. While HTML5 offers an alternative, there’s been no easy tool for creating it–until now. Tumult’s Hype, released on Friday, offers creative professionals an easy-to-use WYSIWIG editor for creating interactive Websites, animations, and more, all encoded in HTML5. Hype boasts that no coding knowledge is required to use the application; indeed, it presents the user with a WebKit-rendered preview pane and a rich text editor for adjusting shapes, text, and images. But...

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Dreamcast JRPG Grandia II getting remastered release on PC

Dreamcast JRPG Grandia II getting remastered release on PC GungHo has announced it will be releasing Grandia II for Steam and Windows PC due to overwhelming feedback from a GameArts Survey. Grandia II will improve on the original Dreamcast version as its PC version will be fully remastered and optimized for the platform with updated visuals and having the option of using a keyboard and mouse configuration or a gamepad. Steam achievements and Grandia-themed trading cards will also be included. “With the rise of digital downloads, it is especially important that classic games continue to remain available to play in...

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