Day: March 31, 2011

David Pogue on Apple’s lowest moment

David Pogue on Apple’s lowest moment New York Times technology columnist David Pogue has taken a look at Apple’s changing fortunes across the last decade, beginning when the company looked like a dead duck in the late 90s. “Nowadays, Apple is a media darling. The critics like the company’s direction, and so does Wall Street,” he observes, noting that 1996 was Apple’s lowest point, a year before current CEO Steve Jobs returned to the company he helped launch from his parent’s garage. Pogue has gathered a multitude of reports from the time – all of which predict the death...

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GamesMaster issue 252 teases "Huge World Exclusive"

GamesMaster issue 252 teases “Huge World Exclusive” GameMaster has released the teaser image of their upcoming issue, and guess what it teases “HUGE WORLD EXCLUSIVE”. Now what this Huge World Exclusive would be, no details has been revealed. The teaser image just features Black Smoke with a text “Be Here when the smoke clears next month”. The next issue will goes on sale on May 22. Check out the teaser image below, and let us know what this “Huge World Exclusive” would...

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O2 withholds phone chargers in new sustainability push

O2 withholds phone chargers in new sustainability push O2 customers will no longer receive a phone charger as standard when they buy a new handset, the mobile operator has announced, as part of a sustainability plan that aims to deliver up to 4 million tonnes of carbon savings over three years. According to EU figures, discarded phone chargers generate 51,000 tonnes of e-waste a year, and a subsequent 13.6 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. A separate study by energy company EON published earlier this year also revealed that nine in ten people keep their gadgets on permanent charge,...

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Napster offers music rental beta

Napster offers music rental beta Napster is previewing its forthcoming Napster To Go service. This service leverages new Windows Media 10 technologies to enable Napster subscribers to download music to portable devices, a technology called Janus. Music remains protected, and if a user’s subscription ends, the music won’t play any more. It’s tunes to rent. The final version of Napster To Go, with enhanced functionality and compatibility with a range of MP3 players, will be available in autumn as part of Napster client 3.0. Napster CEO Chris Gorog said: “We are putting our stake in the ground as evidence...

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