Day: March 14, 2011

iTunes most well-known music service

iTunes most well-known music service iTunes is the dominant music download platform with the biggest recognition among US teenagers, new research claims. The latest Tempo Digital Music Brandscape study from Ipso Insight reveals that Apple’s music service became more widely recognised in the US last year. The report states that 66 per cent of people aged 12 and over were aware of iTunes last year, compared to 57 per cent the preceeding year. Awareness of Napster declined slightly. iTunes was also rated as the best music download service in comparison to Napster, with Apple’s sevice gaining groung year-on-year (climbing...

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4D plans WebSTAR upgrade

4D plans WebSTAR upgrade 4D, publishers of the WebSTAR server suite has announced its plan to release WebSTAR 4.3, a free upgrade for current WebSTAR Server Suite 4 users. Version 4.3 will offer improvements to the WebSTAR Web, FTP and Mail servers, the remote administration application and Sherlock-based search engines. Other enhancements include improved client performance, improved message bounce handling and better spam prevention. The search engine element of WebSTAR has been improved, and 4.3 will support Web-crawling, indexing and searching of both Western European and Asian language and character sets. Informed The company will post messages on the...

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