Day: March 7, 2011

QuickTime hits 6.1.1

QuickTime hits 6.1.1 Apple has updated its multimedia application QuickTime to version 6.1.1. Apple says the update “delivers important bug fixes to MPEG-4 streaming”. It is available as a 19.4MB update through the Software Update feature, or as a direct download from Apple’s Web site. This update is for Mac OS X-only. The most recent version available for Mac OS 9 systems is...

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iPods crash hospital PCs

iPods crash hospital PCs An NHS hospital has seen its IT system go out of action for two days because staff overwhelmed it by downloading music for their iPods, a report claims. It appears computers at the Queen Mother Hospital in Margate, Kent had been used to store multimedia assets for the device, according to Contractor UK. The hospital’s system wasn’t built to handle the traffic, so the server crashed and took the Windows PCs down with it. Staff then had to use hand-written back-up notes to look after patients. They have now been told that in future any...

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