Day: February 26, 2011

Web standards deliver Web service support

Web standards deliver Web service support The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has published three specifications to help facilitate the inclusion of binary data such as graphics or photos into Web services applications. Improved processing of bulky XML files is part of the W3C’s solution. It’s aiming to address the technical and performance issues arising with use of binary data in Web services. The specifications, for example, would reduce the number of bytes sent in transmitting a binary file to a mobile phone, according to Yves Lafon, the W3C team contact for the organization’s XML protocol working group. The...

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Xbox Live Party Chat Limit On Xbox One Raised To 12?

Xbox Live Party Chat Limit On Xbox One Raised To 12? Yesterday Microsoft’s Major Nelson released a brand new Xbox One experience video celebrating the release of the new Xbox One dashboard for preview members. The video teased an improvement in Xbox Live Party Chat feature that many of you seems to have missed. It looks like Xbox Live Party Chat will have it’s limit raised to 12 players as per the details coming out from Major Nelson’s new video on New Xbox One experience. The following screenshot was shared by Reddit user “xCaptainSlayer” No official confirmation yet from...

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The easy, DIY system for group-editing big documents

The easy, DIY system for group-editing big documents When you’re collaborating on documents with other people, sharing a folder on a cloud-based storage system like Dropbox is convenient way to keep everyone’s copies of those docs updated automatically. But nothing in that system prevents two people from opening and changing a given document at the same time. That can lead to version conflicts and confusion. You could avoid this problem–and make it easier to see who made which changes and when–with a formal version-control system. Teams of programmers working on a project often use tools like Apache Subversion (SVN),...

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Prepare for home media market boom

Prepare for home media market boom Annual sales of home media servers will reach nearly 50 million units in the US by the end of 2010, according to Parks Associates. A new report ‘Media Servers: Analysis and Forecasts’ finds that demand- and supply-side drivers will spur dramatic sales growth. The report defines a media server as a hard drive-based platform with media sharing software linked via a home network. “Consumers will benefit from the capabilities and features provided by home media servers, which will enhance their home media experiences and offer safeguarding and storage for their digital content,” said...

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