Report: Xbox One expected to become dev units this summer

Microsoft will be allowing developers to turn their retail Xbox One into development kits later this year while also expanding app creation to all developers.

According to a report from The Verge, Microsoft will be detailing its strategy of making Xbox One retail units into development kits during the Build Developer Conference, which is taking place between April 29 to May 1.

Xbox One app development will also be expanded to allow all developers to begin creating apps as soon as this summer. As of now, Microsoft has limited app development to select developers, but an SDK preview is expected to be released this May.

Back in 2013, we spoke with Marc Whitten about Microsoft’s vision in allowing retail consoles to be turned into dev units. “Our goal is that everybody can decide to stop playing and start creating,” he said at the time. “The box you get at retail can be a dev kit, period.”

Seeing Microsoft stay true to their word on this topic is very good news as it means we’ll hopefully be seeing more indie content hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace.