Bungie addresses Destiny fixes, teases this fall’s patch

As Destiny’s free April update fades into our collective rearview, Bungie’s got its eyes on the road and the next batch of content.

In a lengthy blog, the developer went into detail on some of the hiccups that stole aboard in this month’s patch. Fixes are inbound for ghosts dropping fewer items than expected, and players inexplicably receiving the Universe Remote weapon while decrypting engrams. Hey, freebie!

Bungie didn’t outline a schedule for rolling out fixes, but promised those and others would be addressed in another patch ahead of this fall’s next big content drop.

Speaking of, the developer promised a lengthier update on this fall’s patch during the summer. “Hopefully, the ramp up to the April Update served up some proof that we love speaking at length about new Destiny content, once it arrives at its final form. Later on this summer, we’ll show you the scope, scale, and flavor for the next challenge you’ll face.”