PSN down again, DDOS or maintenance?

Seems like the PlayStation network is down for some players yet again. It is still not confirmed what the exact cause of PSN being down is. Would this be yet another DDOS attack by the negative glory claimers Lizard Squad, who are allegedly behind the notorious attacks on the PSN?

PSN down

Lizard Squads recent tweet reads:

So Sony, I heard you like brackets, and you know what rhymes with brackets?

We are guessing brackets rhymes with packets which can be associated with DDOS. On the other hand Sony chooses to apologize for the downtime by means of Twitter:

Network update: engineers are aware of connectivity issues, are working to resolve. We’ll keep you posted – apologies for the inconvenience

In this whole situation and confusion, it is the gaming community who is suffering. Users are getting the following message when they try to login into PSN: “Sony Entertainment Network is currently undergoing maintenance. (NP-35000-8)”

PSN Down

Is PSN down again from being attacked or is it down for maintenance which was postponed, is not yet known. If this an attack, we hope Sony solves this issue as early as possible and makes things smooth for gamers.