Day: July 31, 2010

iPad and other tablets clobber laptop market

iPad and other tablets clobber laptop market Even as Apple was taking the wraps off the new iPad 2 , one analyst firm was reporting that tablets are wreaking havoc on the rest of the personal computer market. With tablets like the highly popular iPad and now the iPad 2, in the market, consumers are apparently losing interest in laptops, according to analysts at Gartner. Tablets are expected to have a large enough effect on this market that Gartner lowered its PC sales forecast for both 2011 and 2012. According to a Gartner report made public today, global PC...

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ESRB unveils rating for Kinect Star Wars

ESRB unveils rating for Kinect Star Wars The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has revealed its rating for Kinect Star Wars, and as everyone of us expected, it got “T” for TEEN rating because of its suggestive themes, mild language and displays of violence. The rating summary of Kinect Star Wars revealed some new information as well for example, apart from Jedi light saber brawling and pod-racing players can also take part in series of dance tournaments, and the best part is that in this dance tournament female characters perform suggestive movements while wearing revealing clothing. You guys can...

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