Silent Hills/P.T Horror Relived With These Edited In-Game PS4 Screens, Shows Lisa With Scary Smile And More

When it comes to marketing an unannounced title, Hideo Kojima knows how to do it in best way, fans saw a glimpse of his marketing skills at the time of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros And The Phantom Pain. At this year’s GamesCom, Kojima was at his wittiest best with reveal of new Silent Hills/P.T title for PlayStation 4.

Silent Hills/P.T

A teaser demo for new Silent Hills title went live on PlayStation Store immediately after its official announcement, and this idea was the brain child of Hideo Kojima. The teaser demo took gaming world by storm because of its horror element.

Reddit user Eeezo has revisited some of the most horrific moments from Silent Hills/P.T demo with few editing just to give it a realistic feel. Warning: You might caught Phobia of Corridors after going through these in-game screenshots of Silent Hills/P.T. So proceed at your own risk.

Tell us in the comment section below, what’s your opinion on this new Silent Hills/P.T title from Hideo Kojima.

Silent Hills/P.T Demo Screenshot