Mass Effect 3 new teaser logo and details revealed

A number of new details about Mass Effect 3 has been revealed on Twitter and forum update of developer’s official forum. So without much ado lets check out what Brenon Holmes revealed on the messageboards.

Mass Effect 3

Here is the list:

  • # of mods per gun is still in flux. Not all guns can support all types of mods.
  • Enemies may or may not drop weapons… that’s something we’re
    still playing around with. They *can* we’re still trying to figure out
    if the gameplay is fun or not. 🙂
  • Not sure what NG+ is going to look like just yet… someone else might know the plan
  • Cerberus faction is not what is listed. You’ve seen (Trooper,
    Centurion and Phantom. You’ll probably see the Guardian and Atlas at
  • The engineer class heavy melee is a flame attack. It kills the
    **** out of stuff, really fun to use… it’s not called “Lighting Up”
    though… not sure where that came from.
  • Laser weapons are around… but we may not ship with them. They’re expensive, performance wise.
  • The reaper Krogan (Brute) has armor plating on his chest/belly
    area you can shoot off. The reaper Asari (Banshee) has a bit of a
  • The upgrade slots you have listed for guns is an overlap with your earlier comment on mods.
  • I have’t heard anything about headgear that modifies your scope
    zoom… that’s possible, but I don’t think that’s currently planned.
  • We call BlindFire, Partial Leans (shepard and enemies just lean
    out less when performing the action)… since it isn’t a true blind fire
    (like in other shooters)
  • Cover is still on A (for now)
  • You’ll see the omni-blade at E3. I’m not sure if that’s what we’re going to be calling it.

The next big thing revealed is the game’s logo. This new logo is much more bland. Check it out below:

Mass Effect 3 logo