Day: July 10, 2010

Apple iPod partner Inventec breaks IPO market record

Apple iPod partner Inventec breaks IPO market record One Apple’s main iPod component suppliers in Asia sold its shares on Taiwan’s Stock Market for the first time today and posted the biggest one-day rise for an initial offering in the market’s history. Inventec Appliances stock ended the day at NT$140.5 ($4.17) per share, up more than 30 per cent from its offering price of NT$108, thanks to the work it does for Apple, stock market analysts said. The Taiwanese contract electronics maker has become famous for making iPods, despite an official policy not to talk about its customers. But...

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Earls Court, Olympia boost Wi-Fi network

Earls Court, Olympia boost Wi-Fi network Mass events venues Earls Court and Olympia EC&O in west London have upgraded their Wifi networks to cope with a rise in demand for wireless connectivity. Earls Court is a sports venue for the 2012 Olympics next year and both sites host around 2.2 million visitors a year together. The venues’ existing Wifi network which was installed in 2006 was becoming unfit for the purpose, Graham Gee, IT director at EC&O told CIO UK. The old system could not support the amount of traffic generated by punters’ handhelds and exhibitors were fighting each...

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DVD Jon takes up Oboe

DVD Jon takes up Oboe Norwegian hacker “DVD Jon” has taken a job with Linspire’s Michael Robertson’s latest venture, a digital music company called MP3tunes. DVD Jon – real name, Jon Lech Johansen, was arrested, and ultimately exonerated, for reverse-engineering DVD copy protection. He began work on Monday for the San Diego company, Robertson said. Johansen has now moved to the US and is working in MP3tunes’ San Diego offices as a software engineer. His first project: a new digital music product, code-named Oboe, which is designed to “bring digital music into the 21st century,” according to Robertson, the...

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