Month: June 2010

Griffin teams with Threadless for stylish iPod touch case range

Griffin teams with Threadless for stylish iPod touch case range Griffin Technology has teamed with Threadless to offer a small collection of Apple iPod touch cases. Threadless, a community led supplier of fashionable graphic t-shirt designs, has collaborated with Griffin, with two of the designs now available in the UK. Put a Needle on the Record by Steven Bonner comes in a stylish grey and black. “I thought it would be cool to treat the grooves like stitches on vinyl. Good simple stuff,” says artist Bonner, who has been a Threadless member since 2005. I Wanna Dance by Robert...

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UK QuarkXPress 5.0 ‘not till spring 2001’

UK QuarkXPress 5.0 ‘not till spring 2001’ In a meeting with Macworld, Mark Lemmons, Quark’s vice president of strategic development, admitted that UK users probably won’t see the next version of QuarkXPress till spring next year. However, he predicted that this would make the product more stable than if it shipped in the fourth quarter of 2000 with the US version. If Quark can release the UK version of its page-layout and now-Web program before other Passport-based foreign language versions, it will, promised Lemmons. “XPress 4.0 shipped in the US and UK simultaneously,” said Lemmons, ” and that meant...

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Apple will “outperform market” – analysts

Apple will “outperform market” – analysts Analysts at Piper Jaffray yesterday repeated that firm’s “outperform” assessment on Apple’s stock. Piper Jaffray issued a target stock price of $52 per share, observing improved production efficiency because Apple now manages to ship most products on the same business day. Demand remains strong for Apple products, the report adds, citing the number of such products featuring in Amazon US’ Top Ten lists as proof. Apple shares are currently trading at $36.42, and fell 55 cents on news of Yahoo’s debut into the online music market...

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Heroes of the Storm Eternal Conflict now available to try in Public Test Realm

Heroes of the Storm Eternal Conflict now available to try in Public Test Realm Heroes of the Storm Eternal Conflict will begin starting on June 30, but Blizzard has announced players can test out its newest battleground, Battlefield of Eternity, as well as some of the upcoming content and changes on the Public Test Realm (PTR). First, the Battlefield of Eternity battleground is a two-lane map that features two massive Immortals that will battle endlessly at its center. Players need to come together in order to defeat the opposing Immortal. Once the opposing Immortal is defeated, the remaining Immortal will...

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Sonnet picks-up Newer engineers

Sonnet picks-up Newer engineers Sonnet Technologies has hired key engineering personnel from Newer Technology – effectively doubling Sonnet’s engineering team. The company is to open up a new engineering centre based in Wichita, Kansas, former home of Newer Technology. This will be led by Darryl Hinshaw, former vice president of engineering at Newer, who has been employed by Sonnet. Since December’s announcement of Newer’s collapse, the upgrade market has been in a state of flux as competing manufacturers court Newer’s technical and engineering staff. Newer had established a strong reputation as industry innovators, and its staff were in high...

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